Our reports provide personalized business intelligence for companies seeking to strengthen their positions in the US market. Relevant information to support your decision, execute strategies and identify potential partners

Based in your Product Portfolio, HS code selection or product description, we will customize a report for you:

Key Topics 

  • Executive Summary 

  • Origin of Import

  • Pricing 

  • Tariff Rates

  • Companies Profile


Our Methodology consists of global market intelligence with local expertise.

Table of Content

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  • Gain competitive intelligence about the Automotive Aftermarket industry.

  • Increase your success with buyers and importers.

Company Profile

Detailed profile of distributors and buyers including the main products they import or commercialize.

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Price and Delivery

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  • Executive Summary 

Understand key industry trends, opportunities and threats in the automotive aftermarket industry in United States, including main import numbers and categories. We also discuss the online trends in the sector.

  • Origin of Import

Based in the SH code(s)  or product(s) description, selected by the client, find out the origin of import of the product (country) by volume and value.

  • Pricing 

Pricing and sales channels, offline and online. Find out the price of your competitors by sales channel. For products online we also research the main two market places in Unites States: Amazon and eBay and include insights regarding reviews, sales and ranking.

  • Companies Profile

Our detailed company profile of distributors and buyers including the main products they import (including volume) or commercialize, also the product origin and  the supplier. Detailed Key Company information and Key Contacts to facilitate your approaching.

  • Market News Monitor 

A complementary service of public information (newspapers, magazines, blogs), we send weekly the most important information regarding the market and the trade show. Check the latest issue