Our platform facilitates and accelerates the connection between people and organizations.

what is for 


An interactive virtual environment designed to facilitate and simplify the exchange of knowledge

Improve face-to-face meeting activities (for example, with content collaboration)

Reduce geographic barriers

Increased participation and engagement of decision-makers.It allows participants not to be absent from their work environment.

Return on investment

Accurately assess the event's ROI.

Save time and money by minimizing business travel

It does not involve travel, accommodation, promotional items and other expenses normally associated with business events.


Work together through idea sharing and thinking to accomplish a common goal. 


Exhibit in an attractive aspect


Advanced business matching solutions enabling relevant business partners identification.


Build relationships with key influencers


Improve satisfaction.  
Boost engagement.  
Increase loyalty. 

More than a platform 

We believe to be a complete platform, the content to be offered is very important, so in addition to the technology to connect organizations and people, we offer the services to make your virtual event memorable and with an excellent ROI.


content solution


We are experts in matchmaking 

Based on the event scope and  clients assessment  we use our powerful database  and conduct trade interview to find the right partner to match

educate consumers and stakeholders

In coordination with the client,  we delivered a program of insight focused on their event scope

Unique Design 

We tailored the platform  design to translate the client  goals and accelerate people connections

event management and organization

Event operations, live event support and post-event processing 

Features that pop


Live broadcasting

Broadcast your speakers' presentations smoothly.

1:1 Video meetings

Empower social networking virtually.

Sponsors booth

Dedicated space that boosts your exhibitor's exposure.

Live chat and Q&A

Satisfy your customers' curiosity during sessions.

Breakout sessions

Enriching virtual group meetings and workshops.

Live networking 

Networking video 

1:1 and group chat

Enable your attendees to chat with each other.

On-brand design

Meet your communication goals 

Pre-recorded videos

Integrate pre-recorded content into your program.

3d or 2d platform 

Design according to your preferences 

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+ 15 hrs of a conference with the main experts of F&B

Showcase with the main Brazilian startups

+ 10k page views 

+ 280 participants during the event 

+ 400 registration for the pos event 

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