e-Trade is a business intelligence service designed  for  companies to support their digital strategy to expand their exports through e-commerce including  the main global marketplaces  like Amazon, Alibaba, eBay, Bonanza and  Mercado Libre.


We Scrape all the e-commerce data using powerful software and qualify the information according to your digital strategy.

Detailed Storefront Company  Profile:
  • Find your next partner or distributor
  • Stay aware of your competitors
What is the best marketplace for your products?
  • Traffic overview 
  • Engagement 
Identify emerging brands:
  • Identifying New Entrants in a Category
  • The Growth of Challenger Brands
  • Identifying Seasonal Outperformers
Find and Evaluate Your Business Niche:
  • Analyse competition   
  • Figure out price and margin 
  • Evaluate customer  interest
Benchmarking product performance:
  • Top sellers
  • Key attributes
  • Rating 
Customer Insights:
  • Customer Sentiment
  • Customer Experience