Our services provide tailor-made trade intelligence to large, medium and small enterprises, governments, trade associations and export development agencies to help targeting, understanding the regulatory regime, finding local partners and identifying potential buyers.


 Matchmaking Scope

We discuss all the details about the matchmaking event and over the client's goals we do the planning.

Databases Exploration

With the scope definition and the Intake process done, we use our powerful database, that includes key information to generate a list of potential matches.


During our Intake process, our matchmaking experts conduct a Client assessments and interviews to ascertain what type of partner and relationship dynamic will be most compatible for the Client.

Detailed Profiles

We generate a detailed profile of the participants that bring forth key information and insights.

Trade Interview

With the list of potential companies, plus desk research our analyst interview all the potential 

matches to select the best fit.

The Event Day

We can help you  organize the event and support your team in all details in this important day.

Market News Monitoring 

During the matchmaking process we provide to all participants relevant news related to the sector and country of the event.