Exports and Imports by US states

A decade ago, North Dakota's economy rose and fell with crop prices. Today, the state is so heavily dependent

on oil harvested from the Bakken formation that nearly a third of its exports come in the form of crude oil, shipped off to refineries in other parts of the country.

Michigan's economy, for so long dependent on the American automotive industry, is still cranking out cars. Of the 10 products Michigan businesses imported most from out of state, nine are related to automobiles. Of the 15 products Michigan businesses exported across the world, 13 are automotive products, whether cars, trucks or accessories.

The state's ninth-largest export in 2015: rear-view mirrors.

That data comes from U.S. Census Bureau figures analyzed by the American Enterprise Institute, which sheds light on just how dependent some states are on their largest industries. And it offers hints about why state lawmakers act the way they do.

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